Third Odd Elephant is a Producer from the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The sound fuses Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Dance and Disco with Alternative textures and Caribbean infused percussion, creating something that unexpectedly moves together.

Third Odd Elephants second mix tape Vol. 2 is availabe everywhere you find your music -->  Vol.2 is a dark dance party at the end of the world, combining Hip hop, Funk, Soul and Dance with panic stricken cries of alien conspiracies and a nod to chaos theory.  The first Mixtape (Vol.1) is a wide ranging affair spanning 28 tracks and several “Diversions” (a popular street name in Nova Scotia).  Its intent was to simulate a DJ’d party (complete with that person on the porch with an acoustic).  The goal was to create a vibe that could help support your evening or potentially elevate it. 

The Mixtapes were written, arranged, produced and mixed by Third Odd Elephant.  Mastering was done at Comstock Recording Studios.